Dev Diary 3: Doing Nothing Also, Everclimb

Hello there, co-founder of Magnesium Ninja (mosescali) here (I just gave myself that title because it makes me feel a tad special)  As of this moment, I am playing Chrono Trigger on my DS, listening to ‘This is Happening’ by LCD Soundsystem, and I’m trying to sort out my anger due to Everclimb. If you didn’t know, Everclimb is the third game in the Magnesium Ninja library of video games. It’s is the ‘Super Meat Boy’ of the three so far. Now, I didn’t have too much involvement in it’s production, I had a couple beta testing stuff, that’s about it. But playing it in release mode… it’s still hard as hell, and I’m horrible at it. I applaud Klassic for making me angry. I don’t really have much to say as of this moment, since I’m not as big on the development team as the other two, but I’ll come up with an occasional blog post on how everything is doing at the moment I guess.

Also, as PR, I’m going to tell you my strategy… just kidding.

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