Dev Diary Two: Writing

Hello, Worthington here. Thought i’d add my own dev diary, because I just want to fit in…so desperately lonely. Anyway, my ‘official’ title is game designer and writer. ‘Designer’ is somewhat of a misnomer, I am not the ‘traditional’ designer of the game industry (who is much like what a producer is in the movie industry). Rather, I research aspects of game and narrative design, discuss these with the crew, and conceptualize new ideas to make the game’s story better and the game itself a more immersive experience. Said research usually comes from:

A) Playing games and seeing what makes them tick and what aspects of them are successful.

B) Reading game publications and reviews, much information to be learned, there is.

C) The wonderful people at Extra Credits, I’ve given them a shout out once but I don’t believe that is enough. The amount these people have taught me about games and narrative have not only enriched me as a game designer, but also in my independent writing as well.

D) TvTropes, a better place for narrative, plot, and character mechanics is not to be found in all the intarwebs.

I also create/tweak the story. This is how I originally joined MN; my excessive nitpicking with some aspect’s of Klassic’s story led  me to overhaul it. From there we added new ideas to the story itself until we ended up with the finished product we have now.

The majority of the text you see in the game is also written by me. The general process is:

A) Klassic gives me the latest build of the game, with (it’s generally accepted by now) placeholder text. This text will almost never make it into the next build of the game.

B) I change the text around, so as it still conveys the original message, but with better wording, phrasing, and grammar so as to enrich the story’s plot.

C) Klassic tweaks the text so as it will fit inside the game, because I do not program it and I’m not fully aware of text box mechanics/what is isn’t possible. Either that, or he tells me i’m, as they say it, doing it wrong and I must yet again refurbish the text.

D) My overt pedantic-y-ness will invariably lead me to find some flaw with Klassic’s re-wording of my wording, however slight. I re-word it yet again, and the cycle begins anew.

Yet another reason why this game will never be finished! (kidding [I hope])

Worthington out.

P.S. Your move Cariboo.

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