And then the 3 man wolf pack became… A FOUR MAN WOLF PACK!

We are happy to introduce a new member of our crew, Tangleworm!

Now, young ‘un, lemme give you the spiel. A long, long time ago, Klassic would wail and moan about how his workload was so immense, he would bemoan his fate, curse the gods: why must he both code and sprite?! Anyway, this has always been a backburner necessity until Silhouette was finished (because the majority of coding and spriting is done) but a friend of ours, Mr Wormy himself, expressed interest in joining.

Now Tangleworm will be taking charge of artwork and art design, concept art and the like, and possibly a fair bit of spriting himself. We’re glad to have him on the team, and I think you will be too when you see the badass rehaul he’s done on our menu.

Yeah, WOW!

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