Gamejolt, what?

I recently discovered the indie game website called gamejolt, located

Without hesitation I signed up for an account because, “Hey, free exposure!”.

I’ve just uploaded our game Hue to the site, go check it out. NOW

I’ll be adding Everclimb once I fix a few final bugs with the game, with the hope that a couple people will notice our games and latch on as fans. We love you, fans.

As a final note, if you know of any other indie development websites where we can shamelessly plug our work (hopefully, that host competitions as well), please let us know.


2 thoughts on “Gamejolt, what?

  1. Places that tend to run competitions:

    ChristmasHack (allegro)
    Independent Games Festival
    IndieGame Developers Showcase
    Kongregate (weekly&monthly, flash)
    Ludum Dare
    Lost Garden
    Minorhack (allegro)
    The Poppenkast
    PyWeek (python)
    Retro Remakes
    TIA productions (Game Maker)
    YoYo Games (Game Maker)

    Look at what I found.
    Again, so you don’t lose it, i’m posting it here.

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