Dev Diary: Bun-Dun Stages

Holy shit, I made another Dev Diary!

This is Klassic, and I’m going to talk a bit about how I went about creating the stage transitioning. Also, I’m going to shamelessly plug the Youtube video I just posted up in an attempt to make the rest of the Gamejolt competition scared silly. Or not.

First of all, the video:

Looking good, isn’t it? (Say yes)

You can see in the video that the stages are separated by a white -flash-, followed by a change in score and time requirements. The main character is reset to the centre of the screen and all existing energies are removed.

To newbies, it would seem as if I had simply changed the room, and if I’d wanted to I could easily have done so. However, such a development path doesn’t work well with the type of game we have in mind. To keep the constant game flow that we (hopefully) have achieved, we need to make sure that everything takes place in the same, well, place.

So, instead of changing the room for every stage, I put things into the hands of those lovely little creatures known as variables. Whenever a stage is completed, I instruct the game to create an object called ‘obj_whitefade’. This object is responsible for the visible flash on screen, but it’s also responsible for ‘resetting’ the room in preparation for the next level.

To do this, I have a few lines of code. Let me show you the one for starting Stage 3:

if global.stage=2







Let’s quickly run through this. The game does a simple check to see what Stage is just ending. In this case, we’ve just beaten Stage 2. Immediately, we change to Stage 3. That way, when the next Stage is beaten we can do the correct check. After we have changed the Stage variable, we want to make sure to reset the score variable. Otherwise, the player would only need to collect 2000 points in Stage 3 (Stage 2 requires you to collect 12000 points). Then, we up the required score for Stage 3, to increase the difficulty. Lastly, we give the player a bit more time to beat the level.

There are a few more components to this. Obviously, I need to remove all existing energies from the screen. This is simply done. All I need to do is run this code when obj_whitefade is created:
with obj_goodfloat instance_destroy()

with obj_badfloat instance_destroy()

with obj_boostfloat instance_destroy()

Gee, that was easy! Now, all instances of those names are gone.

What’s left… Oh right, resetting the player’s position. Two lines of text are necessary here (OH DEAR OH ME):
with obj_player x=xstart

with obj_player y=ystart

There we go, now the player is back where he initially began when the room first started.

Thanks for reading, everyone. I’m glad I finally got the opportunity to write another one of these. I hope you learned something, and if you didn’t I hope you enjoyed reading anyways.

Until next time,


Dev Diary: Bun-Dun

Hello there, Worthington here. How’s everyone doing? Good. That’s good. Just checking up, you know, was around the neighborhood, dropped by.

What? What’s that? You were expecting something? Gosh, what on Earth could that be?

What, Klassic’s dev diary? Oh, yeah, uuhm…

Here, have mine instead.

So work on Bun-Dun is rollicking along nicely (Klassic’s dev diary will be up soon) and it is looking very sexy indeed. Tangleworm has really outdone himself with art this time around. I don’t know whether to post any screenies or not, so i’ll let Klassic get around to that.

Okay, so Bun-Dun is the game that we’re doing for the Gamejolt competition. Yeah, on this one I am pretty much the designer. The concept is you play a little mechanical Kirby-esque ball that zooms around and collects little bits of energy to tell the story of Genesis. It’s all very light-hearted and childish and fun (the story mode anyway, once you hit Creation mode things take a turn for the bleak, but more on that later). I must say, we’re rollicking on with this; the pace is absolutely cracking. Art is going pretty well with only a few major things left to complete: Tangleworm’s done really well this time around, his Bun-Dun design is absolutely breathtaking (the joy of something I envisioned in my head being recreated so picture perfectly was amazing) and the backgrounds are sexy as hell. The writing for the main story has been done, I may have to refurbish bits and pieces here and there though. Coding is going well and nothing has crashed, burnt, or blown up yet (yet).

And of course, the thing everyone is probably wondering: “What the hell is a Bun-Dun.” Well, children, I shall tell you. I always wanted the vibe of this to be similar to Katamari and LocoRoco so I thought the best way to start would be to make up some cutesy gibberish name (Like Katamari or LocoRoco). Of course i’m not very good at that so I watched videos of my sister as a toddler (when she was learning how to make sounds) and pieced together some of the more coherent sounding things she said. Yes, Bun-Dun was the most coherent thing I got.

Also, Creation mode. Apart from story mode, it’s the other one we’ve got lined up to give the illusion of longevity to this game (we may do some more depending on how much surplus time is left at the end). Anyway, it’s basically like story mode, except without a score counter. Instead, each piece of energy you pick up (both good and bad) creates an attribute (i.e. love, hate, murder, war, charity, kindness, etc.) and depending on the ratio of good/bad at the end of it you get a short written segment detailing the kind of world you’ve created. It can get pretty bleak.

And that’s all for now; stay tuned for more news.

Bun-Dun: Your God is a Robot

Hey Peons!

Exciting news, we have. We’re well on our way with our Gamejolt competition entry. At the moment, it’s tentatively named Bun-Dun. Don’t ask me why, I didn’t come up with it. It’s a game about retelling the story of Creationism through the eyes of a cute robot God. Can you guess his name?

I’ll put together a Dev. Diary for this game tomorrow (Yeah yeah, I know I said that for Forksplosion. Bite me.) and give you guys some insight into how we’re making this game.

Stay beautiful.

What we’re doing now

Hello everybody, Worthington here.

So, the MiniLD is currently ongoing.

We’re not doing it.

The date change just kind of sprung out of nowhere, and none of us were prepared to deal with it. We were just obliviously whiling our time away on Forksplosion and Klassic is currently at a place where he can’t code for the weekend; so we’re not doing the MiniLD.

We are, however, doing the Gamejolt Invention Contest hosted by NAL. I’ve done a concept and design work is mostly done. A tiny bit of coding has been done, we might do some dev. diaries later.

If any of you are wondering what’s happening with Forksplosion, well… we’re going to do it as soon as we can, but for the time being it’s shelved. We may or may not be working on YoYoGames Comp07 after this contest (YYG said the earliest date is sometime in February, and the Gamejolt contest ends on the 14th) so we don’t know how long that will be.

Until next time


Shelved game count: 3 (and i’ve got a bunch of prospective ideas lined up)


Well, apparently the Mini Ludum Dare competition was moved to this weekend, which gives us about two days to get our act together and work out that the hell we’re going to do for this, and how.

Hip hip, hooray? ._.

…That’s all for now, literally.

Slow ride, take it easy.

Not much going on right now. Work on Forksplosion is, surprisingly, right on schedule. We’re actually on time!

I’ll make a dev diary once I have something to write about… which will come soon.

We’re currently in our final weeks of the first semester here at school, so we’re all a bit bogged down with projects and studying, which means we don’t have time to do much else other than Forksplosion. Sorry, Everclimb updates.

In other news, a mini Ludum Dare competition is on the horizon and we (I?) plan to enter it. The weekend it presumably will be on, we all have free and will be able to devote a lot of time to. Probably. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Until next time, peons.

Forksplosion: Working title

Welcome, peons of all shapes and sizes! I’m here today to officially introduce the bullet hell shoot em up title,


working title.

As you can see the game is still incredibly WIP, but…


The spriting is coming alone nicely, and the engine is quite sturdy at the time of writing. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find a way to irreversibly break it in the next few weeks.

And now for some actual solid information on the game:

Forksplosion will be a silly bullet hell shmup involving saving the president from the dastardly spoons. You play as a lone fork, fighting through waves of enemies, bullets, minibosses, and the mysterious creature behind it all… But I won’t spoil anything.

The game will start off somewhat easy and quickly turn throw-your-computer-out-the-window difficult. If you beat the final boss, we’ll all personally high-five you. Seriously.

Forksplosion will feature power ups, lives, and all that good jazz that comes with shoot em ups. We’re not sure just yet how far from the formula we plan to go, but don’t count on anything too innovative. We only have a month to work on this.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with these two teaser images to salivate over. Expect a dev. diary or two in the near future as this game develops a bit more. Until then, enjoy your miserable, underpaid lives peons!
This is your lord and master, Klassic, signing off.