It’s quiet here…

Too quiet. Well, 2010 has come and gone, and 2011 is here. This should be an eventful year for us. We’ll get Silhouette, our first major game (hopefully) released, and possibly expand Magnesium Ninja further. We’ve been discussing the idea of moving into other game-making avenues, such as Flash or C. Hopefully we can get ourselves another coder, which would open us up to work on multiple projects, or churn out single games faster. We definitely need to find ourselves a musical collaborator because right now our games are almost devoid of sound (with the exception of random SFX we get Cariboo to find and pull from teh intarwabs).

As for future games, only time will tell. Klassic would like to do an ‘arcade-style’ action game after Silhouette to vary up our library, and after that I can hopefully make a game with a more character-driven story to vary up my writing skills.

And being a gamer, I think I should post my Favourite Game of 2010. Keep in mind there were a lot of games I didn’t get to play; Mass Effect 2, Vanquish, FF13, Civ V, and more, but for me the greatest game of this year was:

Fallout New Vegas

Yes, it had bugs a-plenty, and  while it wasn’t as good from a technical aspect as say, Bayonetta, it’s the game I enjoyed most this year. It had a large world, the atmosphere from Fallout 3 was improved, and I found myself lost in it for hours, revoking all other aspects of my life for this game. And when I wasn’t playing, I found myself fantasizing about playing. The game turned me into a Fallout fanboy, and was a total blast.

Also, as a writer, I think I should salute Tolkien on his birthday. Here here! Although I personally don’t like his works (The Hobbit being an exception) he has done more than nearly anyone else in shaping literature, fiction, and media in general; I mean, the man birthed Fantasy as we know it!

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