What we’re doing now

Hello everybody, Worthington here.

So, the MiniLD is currently ongoing.

We’re not doing it.

The date change just kind of sprung out of nowhere, and none of us were prepared to deal with it. We were just obliviously whiling our time away on Forksplosion and Klassic is currently at a place where he can’t code for the weekend; so we’re not doing the MiniLD.

We are, however, doing the Gamejolt Invention Contest hosted by NAL. I’ve done a concept and design work is mostly done. A tiny bit of coding has been done, we might do some dev. diaries later.

If any of you are wondering what’s happening with Forksplosion, well… we’re going to do it as soon as we can, but for the time being it’s shelved. We may or may not be working on YoYoGames Comp07 after this contest (YYG said the earliest date is sometime in February, and the Gamejolt contest ends on the 14th) so we don’t know how long that will be.

Until next time


Shelved game count: 3 (and i’ve got a bunch of prospective ideas lined up)

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