Bun-Dun FAQ

Oh hai gaise, Worthington here. Despite this being one of our less convoluted games (actually, it’s the most convoluted of our released games, but our unreleased planned ones, whooa boy) we got a lot of questions about Bun-Dun (or moar like Bun-DONE, mirite?) so without further adieu, here’s the Bun-Dun FAQ (I swear, i did not mean for that to rhyme).

Q: How is this game related to Invention?

A: Well, you create the universe. Creation is pretty much synonymous with invention…so…yeah. (This is for the benefit of the judges, mostly)

Q: Why can’t I close with the X (close) button?

A: It’s an issue for saving; we’re not just doing it to be dicks. We’re genuinely sorry and will fix it in our later games.

Q: How did you come up with the name?

A: I answered this in a dev diary, I think. The answer is from random gibberish my sister said when she was younger.

Q: I don’t get the story?

A: It’s a framed narrative; some old dude is telling a kid about a mechanical kirby that creates the universe.

Q: Is he crazy?

A: No more than any other preacher (so yes, very.)

Q: How many stages are there in story mode?

A: Seven.

Q: How many endings are there in creation mode?

A: Seven.

Q: Why does this game have so many seven’s?

A: It was intentional. It’s a creation story, right? If you read Genesis (The book of, that is, in the bible) God creates the world in seven days, and the number seven is mentioned several other times in the Book of Genesis.

Q: Wait, so how is there energy in the first stage, if there’s no universe?

A: Because Bun-Dun is kind of the Big Bang in the first stage; he attracts the energy, forms it and bursts out as the universe.

Q: Why doesn’t he create himself first?

A: There’s no universe yet, what would he create himself out of? All there was was energy, a big bang, and that’s what Bun-Dun was. In the second stage he fully creates himself as an entity, rather than just a force.

Q: Were you trying to appeal to children with this game?

A: No; we were, however, trying to capture a childlike innocent vibe (like Katamari or LocoRoco).

Q: What the hell is that falling purple goop?

A: Acid Rain.

Q: In stage 6, when you make animals, how come birds are there before you’ve even created animals?

A: Maybe Bun-Dun created the birds first; who are you to question his infinite wisdom? But in all seriousness, it was a gameplay decision.

Q: Okay, if Bun-Dun just created them, why are they trying to kill him?

A: They’re not, they’re just flying in your general direction.

Q: So i’m killing them?

A: Yes, you’re a horrible person. That’s why you lose points…

Q: …

A: Sorry buddy.

Q: Why are the people and animals weird looking?

A: They’re mechanical. Like Bun-Dun. That’s the point.

Q: What’s the religion called?

A: It’s never explicitly stated whether this actually happened. It could just be a fairy tale told to a child.

Q: Okay, but if it did, what’s the religion called?

A: Scientology. Next?

Q: If Bun-Dun is God, who’s Jesus?

A: Jeff Bridges. Next?

Q: Why can’t I build things?

A: I don’t know where it said we were going to build things, this isn’t Civ, gaise. It just said you were going to create the universe.  In short, it’s not a construction game.

Q: Why is the file size so big?

A: Well, it’s not THAT big. However, the reason it is is because the music files are big and we didn’t know how to compress them yet. Again, this was not intentional and we are (well, have) going to fix the issue in later games.

That concludes what will probably be the first of many FAQs.

Post script: Klassic apparently has no life (none of us do now that Bun-Dun is complete) so he made a video walkthrough.

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