Busy day, so it seems

Actually not really, I’m just here updating with trivial stuff not important enough to make it into the video.


First things first; we have a new logo. Seeing as we have our own member responsible for art now, and we’re all slave drivers, Tangleworm made us a new logo. The old one was made by me back in the days when our only games were Hue and Assembly Line, Silhouette was still being made, and Tangleworm wasn’t part of the team *chuckle*, oh how long ago that seems.

We also have another version of this for avatar purposes. Get used to seeing this in splash screens for our games (and please wait while we update the internet with our new logo). As you can see our signature Gear Shuriken (yes, that’s what it is) is still intact, but the text is much updated, and we have a cool looking abbreviation in the centre that messes with your mind. YAY!

Second things second; continuing with our new trend of adding sound into our game (so we can torture Klassic with filesizes) and trying to find something for Cariboo to do, Forksplosion will feature VOICE ACTING! Yes, voice acting (voice talents will be provided by Cariboo, Tangleworm, and yours truly). As a result of this I have had to revise the script enormously; there are two new characters, it’s overall longer, there’s more characterization and depth to the actual story itself (instead of being just one long drawn out reference), and the references are slightly less heavy-handed (well apparently, now they’re “heavy handed in a good way”). So yeah, that. Oh, and cutscenes, we’re going to have those too (God, how does Tangleworm not hate us?).

Cya round loving fans.

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