Forksplosion Dev Diary: Of Scripts, Cutscenes, and Voice Acting

Hello everyone, Worthington here; time for a dev. diary on voice acting.

I began my day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast consisting of a croissant, a tub of fruit yoghurt, and a banana (eaten in that order). I then biked to my school to wait for Tangleworm and waited for him for around 20 minutes. He got there and we biked off happily to Cariboo’s house for voice acting. We got there, listened to My Twisted Dark Fantasy and YTV Big Party Fun Mix 4 before doing a hilarious runthrough of the script (which unfortunately we did not record). Then we did a bunch of takes, which were all unsuccessful. We repositioned Cariboo’s laptop (which we were using to record) next to his Desktop so we could see the screen larger. I hastily rewrote portions of the script and there were many lulzy outtakes we saved (they’ll probably be in the OST) and eventually after 12 (and a half) takes we finished the introduction. We managed to get the dialogue for 2 more cutscenes done before Tangleworm had to leave for parkour which shows that in 2 hours, we can’t record 8 minutes of dialogue. We have two more cutscenes to do (which will probably lead to many more lulzy outtakes, for your listening pleasure).

Oh, yes, there’s going to be an OST we’re going to release (now up to 8 tracks because Tangleworm is a machine).

And the cutscenes, they’re going to be static frames with a backdrop, portraits, and textboxes (kind of like the Metal Gear Ac!d cutscenes or Peace Walker cutscenes).

After Tangleworm left, Cariboo and I recorded ourselves watching Justin Bieber music videos. We cried like little girls.

Until next time.

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