Oh hey, remember us?

Yeah yeah, we haven’t been very active in the past week-ish. Don’t worry though, we’re not dead, just busy as hell (with things other than Grief. Unfortunately, life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of things you want to do.)

Rest assured, however, that we’re still plowing ahead with the game and that it should be released sometime early/mid-April. Hopefully, the time we’ve spent on it will be worth it, and you will all bow down to us like the loving consumers you are. Just kidding, but all the same, we hope you enjoy our game when we finally finish it.

PS: I think I can safely say that this game is no longer a “shurigame” aka “minigame”. It has become our largest project to date. Funny how things work like that. Tune in very soon for some more information on the ever elusive Grief.

Ambiguous Grief status update!

Hello, Worthington here. So, Grief, yeah; I know when we don’t mention a game for a while it seems like we’ve abandoned it, but fear not! Work on Grief is progressing very nicely, and I am here to break it down into nice digestible chunks for you.

Levels are 3/5th done.

Maybe around 1/2 of the artwork is done, all animations for the main character are done and Tangleworm started work on the tileset.

Music is done! Sounds, however, are not.

And well all the other stuff (menus, etc.) have yet to be started, but that’s only a small chunk of the game, so it’s no biggy.

All in all, the game is maybe halfway to completion, but we’re making a lot of headway.

Well, that’s all for now.



Title speaks for itself. We hit 700 downloads, and we’re rewarding you, our lovable fans, with bonus content!

The bonus package is filled with a bunch of useless/interesting information regarding the development of Bun-Dun. Oh, and Cariboo submitted a bunch of random sketches because he doesn’t really have anything physical to add to the package. It’s still awesome.

If we hit 800 downloads on Bun-Dun (plausible? who knows) we’re going to reward you guys yet again (Either with a joke game mode, by making Bun-Dun completely open-source, or by slipping out a little info on our various projects), so get cracking and tell your friends all about us! We love them too, you know.

You can download the bonus content here: http://www.host-a.net/u/MagnesiumNinja/Bun-Dun%20bonus%20package.zip

Love it? Hate it? Sacrificed it to a volcano? Let us know! We want to hear from you.



Minigun Butterfly

Interesting name, no?

Klassic here with a small (large?) announcement. Because Tangleworm and Worthington are lazy jerks (Kidding, they’re working their respective asses off) and I don’t have much to do right now, I’ve decided to work on a bit of a solo project (Everclimb was a solo project). The game is called Minigun Butterfly, and in it you play as a butterfly with a minigun implanted into its thorax. Excited yet?

Basically, it’ll be a small static-screen arcade game where you fight ever-increasing waves of enemies until you finally succumb to the chaos. I don’t expect it to be graphically superior to Bun-Dun/Grief (Read: Tangleworm isn’t working on this project, therefore the art will be mediocre), nor will it be groundbreaking in terms of gameplay…

Still, you know you want to play it. Shooting bullets out of your ass is too good to resist.

More news as I work towards something presentable.


PS: The enemies explode into rainbows and hearts.

Nearly 700 downloads on Bun-Dun!

Hey everyone, exciting announcement: Our game Bun-Dun has nearly reached 700 downloads EDIT: Our game Bun-Dun HAS reached 707 downloads (For some number crunching 18.1*707 =12 796.7. That’s over 12 GIGABYTES of downloads) on Gamejolt!

This is a crazy achievement, considering just a month ago all our games combined didn’t reach 200 downloads. Thanks to the awesome folks over at Jayisgames, however, we were exposed to the public two weekends in a row, and our downloads skyrocketed!

As a sort of celebration, once we hit 700 downloads we’re going to celebrate. How, you ask? You’ll find out soon. It’s one of those things that may or may not have any meaning to you. If it does, rejoice!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and played our game. We love you guys.

Grief Teaser

Hey again, Klassic here. Work on Grief is coming along splendidly, and I’ve decided to give you all a little graphical teaser of what’s to come. I mean ‘little’ quite literally; we’re not giving away much with this. Still, it’ll give you guys an idea of the art style. Aren’t you excited? 😀

There she is, isn’t she grand?

Theorizing may now begin! Check back soon for more updates as we come closer to release (Release? What release?)

And now for something completely different

Greetings and salutations, etcetera.

For the past week, 3/4 of us have been busy (to the point of not being able to do anything else) with a school play. We’ve been staying until 9 PM every single night, and it’s worn us out. But now, the school play is finished, and we can return to our lives (yay!) (Worthington’s Note: Not me, i’m sick). Well, after a short weekend break, that is.

Starting Monday-ish, we’ll be getting back to work and you can expect some blog posts, dev diaries, screenshots, and general progress. Expect great things, Grief is shaping out quite well.

…Now if we could only stick to our two-week time limit. Hah, riiiight.