Second Place!

Well, the results are (unofficially) out!

We snagged second place with our entry, Bun-Dun, and you know what? I’m totally happy with that. First place is always nice, but only if you actually deserve to win. The winner, Fire With a Riot, was superior to our game in exactly one way, and in the end that was all that mattered.

You see, we had everything covered with our game. Beautiful graphics, an engaging story, and warming music. The only problem was, we forgot about having fun, at least to some degree. I’m not trying to say that Bun-Dun isn’t a fun game, because to some it definitely is. However, the gameplay is incredibly simple and none too innovative. That’s something we’re going to have to work on in the future, for sure. (Worthington’s Notes: I’m gathering testers for this very purpose)

The Invention Contest was a wonderful learning experience for all of us. It was our first time working on a single game together, and I think we did incredibly well. With a silver medal under our belt, we’re planning to move on to bigger, better and funner (more fun) things. Right now, that means working on Forksplosion. In the future, we plan to enter the Yoyogames competition, and we plan to win. Maybe we will, maybe we won’t, but I think we’ve all come out of this a little bit wiser, and that might just mean the difference between a success and a failure somewhere down the line.

If you haven’t yet, check out our game Bun-Dun on Gamejolt, along with the other two medalists:

1st: FWAR

2nd: Bun-Dun

3rd: Monica

I’ll probably do a dev. diary on the building of the first Forksplosion boss sometime soon, so keep checking back for that!


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