Bun-Dun is easier; also lunch times

Hey gaise, Worthington here. Time for a double up announcement/dev-diary.

Today I was at a friend’s house playing Bun-Dun for 50 minutes, while he swore at the screen. Stage 7 is bloody hard. Like us taking turns to try and beat it for 30 minutes hard. Apparently you need a crappy computer to beat it in one playthrough, because then it lags so much you can get energy quicker due to the odd slow-mo effect. But on my friend’s behemoth of a PC it ran so super-smooth that everything ran at hyper speed. So we took the easy way out and got Chris to make the game easier.


Now to the Dev Diary component. Everyone at Magnesium Ninja attends the same high school. Whenever I eat lunch with Tangleworm, strange things happen. We make off-hand sequiturs about various genitalia and I somehow turn these into vulgar game concepts (ex: Reverse Giant Rabbit Penis Parking-The Game) that get absorbed into a meta-game concept known as Magnesium Ninja: The Game (A game that documents a day in the lives of the MN members).

But onto something slightly relevant on Forksplosion; at lunch I usually give Tangleworm directions and he produces character sketches. During these I have to flesh out the character itself and these invariably produce character backstory segments that are hilarious but cannot fit into the game’s script itself (for the most part). Thus, Tangleworm and I will be producing a webcomic series known as Forksplosion: After-Party. It will document the celebration party of the FORK crew and as the night progresses they gradually reveal more and more about themselves. So yeah, in conjunction with Tangleworm’s OST look out for that on release.

In addition, we are a game studio who listens to customer feedback; therefore we have addressed our main concern with Bun-Dun (i.e. it was kinda meh in the fun factor) by bringing in 3 or 4 of our peers to be testers for us. All interface complaints with Bun-Dun were also noted and will be rectified in Forksplosion.

That is all.

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