Secret Project!

That’s right, here at Magnesium Ninja we’ve got something hidden away from the public eye. Something so secret, so mysterious, that we ourselves still aren’t entirely sure how it’s going to turn out. Just kidding, we know what we’re doing (Most of the time).

It’s 10:30 at night(ish) and I’m dead tired, so I’ll keep this short. The game is going to be a relatively short venture into the realm of puzzle platformers, featuring 20 levels of increasing difficulty. I won’t say what the premise is just yet, I’ll leave that for a time when I can see straight.

We’ve tossed this game into a newly-formed category called “Shurigames”. Feel free to call it a minigame, but Shurigame sounds way cooler. Worthington’s Note: It’s to familiarize us with the concept of taking a game and not overblowing the idea out of proportion, so much so we can’t work with it. (Yes, Forksplosion is on hiatus again).

One last thing: The game is called Grief. Make of that what you will.

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