Nearly 700 downloads on Bun-Dun!

Hey everyone, exciting announcement: Our game Bun-Dun has nearly reached 700 downloads EDIT: Our game Bun-Dun HAS reached 707 downloads (For some number crunching 18.1*707 =12 796.7. That’s over 12 GIGABYTES of downloads) on Gamejolt!

This is a crazy achievement, considering just a month ago all our games combined didn’t reach 200 downloads. Thanks to the awesome folks over at Jayisgames, however, we were exposed to the public two weekends in a row, and our downloads skyrocketed!

As a sort of celebration, once we hit 700 downloads we’re going to celebrate. How, you ask? You’ll find out soon. It’s one of those things that may or may not have any meaning to you. If it does, rejoice!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and played our game. We love you guys.

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