Minigun Butterfly

Interesting name, no?

Klassic here with a small (large?) announcement. Because Tangleworm and Worthington are lazy jerks (Kidding, they’re working their respective asses off) and I don’t have much to do right now, I’ve decided to work on a bit of a solo project (Everclimb was a solo project). The game is called Minigun Butterfly, and in it you play as a butterfly with a minigun implanted into its thorax. Excited yet?

Basically, it’ll be a small static-screen arcade game where you fight ever-increasing waves of enemies until you finally succumb to the chaos. I don’t expect it to be graphically superior to Bun-Dun/Grief (Read: Tangleworm isn’t working on this project, therefore the art will be mediocre), nor will it be groundbreaking in terms of gameplay…

Still, you know you want to play it. Shooting bullets out of your ass is too good to resist.

More news as I work towards something presentable.


PS: The enemies explode into rainbows and hearts.

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