Title speaks for itself. We hit 700 downloads, and we’re rewarding you, our lovable fans, with bonus content!

The bonus package is filled with a bunch of useless/interesting information regarding the development of Bun-Dun. Oh, and Cariboo submitted a bunch of random sketches because he doesn’t really have anything physical to add to the package. It’s still awesome.

If we hit 800 downloads on Bun-Dun (plausible? who knows) we’re going to reward you guys yet again (Either with a joke game mode, by making Bun-Dun completely open-source, or by slipping out a little info on our various projects), so get cracking and tell your friends all about us! We love them too, you know.

You can download the bonus content here: http://www.host-a.net/u/MagnesiumNinja/Bun-Dun%20bonus%20package.zip

Love it? Hate it? Sacrificed it to a volcano? Let us know! We want to hear from you.



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