Oh hey, remember us?

Yeah yeah, we haven’t been very active in the past week-ish. Don’t worry though, we’re not dead, just busy as hell (with things other than Grief. Unfortunately, life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of things you want to do.)

Rest assured, however, that we’re still plowing ahead with the game and that it should be released sometime early/mid-April. Hopefully, the time we’ve spent on it will be worth it, and you will all bow down to us like the loving consumers you are. Just kidding, but all the same, we hope you enjoy our game when we finally finish it.

PS: I think I can safely say that this game is no longer a “shurigame” aka “minigame”. It has become our largest project to date. Funny how things work like that. Tune in very soon for some more information on the ever elusive Grief.

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