A ‘Grief’ Explanation (See what I did there?)

Hey everyone. We’re almost at the point where we can start showing screenshots and such of Grief, but in the mean time I think it’s finally time to actually tell you guys WHAT the game is about. Excited? Good.

Grief is a puzzle-platforming game based around the concept of switching between optimism and pessimism. You play as a little girl who has suffered an ambiguous accident and is trapped within the confines of her own mind. She is suffering from depression, and you must aid her in escaping from the nightmare.

If you’re familiar with the KüblerRoss model, you know all about this little thing called the 5 stages of Grief. If you don’t, let me explain.

The first stage, denial, is all about pretending that nothing bad has happened and that you are perfectly happy.

The second, anger, is a stage of rage or envy (example: It’s not fair!)

The third, bargaining, is a point in which you begin to grow a little desperate, begging to return to a stage before the incident that put you in this spiral of descent in the first place.

The fourth, depression, is the period of sadness.

The fifth, acceptance, is the phase in which you grow to understand and accept what has happened to you, and begin to move on.

We’ve based our game around these five stages, and each stage of the game will have 4 levels. Do the math, you get 20 levels. Sort of. You’ll see.

The game features a number of obstacles and features, some of which I’ll detail in the near future. Look forward to it!


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