Day two of Grief coverage, I’m Klassic and this is Magnesium Ninja.

I’m going to talk a little about “orbs” in Grief, both in physical use and metaphorical use.

The orbs are little… orbs the size of the player’s head. They’re not large, and they have the appearance of a static-y television screen. They can be picked up by the player and placed in any node in the level. Doing so will change that node’s state. Confused? Here, let me create a magical fictitious environment for your reading pleasures:

Imagine poor Grief Girl is stuck in a pit. She’s Pessimistic, but needs to jump higher to escape the pit. To her left is a PS (Pessimism) node. Well, that’s not going to do her any good. She’s ALREADY pessimistic, and we don’t want to depress her further. She might commit suicide, and then we wouldn’t have a protagonist. To GG’s right is an orb. She, in her infinite wisdom, grabs the orb and slips it into the node. Suddenly, the node is Optimistic! She changes state and manages to escape the pit.

These nodes are vital to your success, but be warned, some levels have too many. “Gasp!” you say, “Why would you play such a dirty trick!?” Because we can.

On a metaphorical level, well, we’ll leave the theorizing up to you. What are they to you? Glimmers of hope? Manifest confusion? Pixels on a screen? Unicorns and Rainbows?

See you tomorrow,


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