Klassic here, talking about Manifestations today! Oooh, scary.

Manifestations sprout up in the third stage of Grief, aka “Bargaining”. They’re cute/creepy little ghosts that float casually around the level and do their best to get in your way. One touch, and it’s back to the start for you. Annoying? Yes. Awesome? Also yes.

The Manifestations follow preset paths through the level, so it’s not exactly DIFFICULT to avoid them. That being said, solving a puzzle and avoiding evil ghosts that want you dead isn’t as simple as it sounds. Or maybe it is. You decide, Mr. Hotshot.

In Grief, you have two (three?) ways to deal with the manifestations. You can avoid them completely, or use your “technique”. Your technique (aka the L key) does one of two things. In PS mode, it turns you partially invisible and the manifestation slides right on past you. In OP mode, you deflect the manifestation and send it backwards along its path.

The manifestations represent that dark, lingering fear that resides within all of us. Fear of change, fear of acceptance, fear of damn well everything there is to be scared of. Fear will set you back, if you let it, but fear is also combatable. You can move past your fears, if you try. The manifestations make usually easy (or difficult, if you suck at puzzles) acts much more challenging.

Hah, I bet you were expecting a picture. Too bad, sucker!

See ya tomorrow,


(PS: Combatable is totally a word, shut up spell check >.>)

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