Instadeath, isn’t it MARVELOUUUS?

Klassic here, talking to y’all (Not my real accent, shut up) about deathblocks and gravblocks. Inventive names, eh?

Deathblocks are conventional platformer bullshit. Touch one and you die, no questions asked. Now, hold your tongue. I know you were about to exclaim, “God, I hate instant-kills.” Don’t worry, though, this is a puzzle platformer. Meaning, we haven’t littered every level with deathblocks. We’ve merely placed them in a few select locations that will ensure maximum piss-you-offness. Is that a term? It totally should be.

Gravblocks are your knights in shining armour. Well… assuming you use said knight in shining armour to vault you over high ledges and step across his dead body like a bridge. Okay, maybe they aren’t so alike knights. Still, they’re great fun and will prove incredibly useful. Necessary, in fact, otherwise they’d just be there for decoration. I hate decorations.

Gravblocks are deceptive in their title. Yes, they are affected by gravity, but they don’t flip upside down and fall to the right/left like your hyperactive little brain is greedily imagining. All they do is fall. Also, you can push them left and right. INNOVATION.

Gravblocks can be used for a multitude of things. Bridging gaps, crawling under halfblocks, and reaching higher… heights. God damn it, no english scholarship for me. We’ve invented some rather nasty puzzles for you and your gravblocks to conquer, but don’t leave any behind! You might need one later on in the level. *OBVIOUS LEVEL HINT COUGH COUGH*

Jesus, I just realized that these past few blog posts have basically been an in-depth tutorial. I should link to this blog on the menu. Free advertising! 😀

Anyways, that’s all for now. Back tomorrow/sunday for the last two updates on our NONSTOP GRIEF COVERAGE YEAH.


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