Assorted Miscellany

Greetings fair consumers, tis I, Worthington. I know what you’re thinking: “Where’s Klassic, it’s day 9 of non-stop Grief coverage?” Well Klassic is busy working on the game, so i’m going to step in for this post.

So the game is very much nearing completion and will soon go into Closed Beta, this is going to involve us sending out the game to our peers along with a feedback form, and then we take their feedback and tweak the game accordingly. Once that’s done, we will release the game and plug it for ALL IT IS WORTH!

I’m not kidding here, in addition to posting it in our regular sites (YYG and Gamejolt) we will be sending out copies of the game to as many showcasing sites as possible (Like indiegames and jayisgames; ESPECIALLY JAYISGAMES). Also, we’re going to have a trailer. Like an honest to goodness, cinematic trailer like the REAL studios have. We’re not going to have a video-walkthrough, which is ironic since we had one for Bun-Dun, the game that needed no walkthrough, while this puzzling affair that will frustrate you to wits end will not.

Also, we plan to have the game out of Beta (but not necessarily released) by the 19th. Why is that you ask? Because, good consumer, we are planning to submit this to The Escapist/Extra Credits Innovation Awards, hosted at the LOGIN conference on May 17th. Luckily for us, Seattle is a scant 2 hours drive away from where we live, so we’ll be able to attend if we are nominated, which would be a HUGE boost for us. The Escapist is one of the largest, most important gaming journalism/commentary sites out there, and if we even get nominated for one of these awards it’ll be a huge boost. If you live near the area, you should definitely attend LOGIN Seattle, it’s a great conference with a great showcase of panels and speakers.

Also, I suppose i’ll tell you about the new method we have in the team for handing out assignments. Rather than chaotic MSN group conversation’s, Klassic compiles an email with lists of tasks for all of us to do. He sends it out to all of us, and we update the lists as we do the tasks and attach the files to the email. Of course, this makes for a lot of replies and quoted text, right now the Grief Hub Email is currently at 40 replies, the indents are ridiculous.

Well, that’s all for now, stay tuned, Grief is coming your way very soon!


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