Grief Credits

-Project Manager
-Lead Coder
-Co-Level Designer

-Lead Artist

-Co-Level Designer
-Public Relations

-Sound Designer
-Public Relations

Quality Assurance:
Scott Zhao
Chopped Soup
Marco So

Song composed by and courtesy of Nikhil Sudan

Thanks for playing!

19 thoughts on “Grief Credits

  1. That was a neat little game. It did, however, feel like it lacked a central focus on the theme. Although I suppose the questions such as “what was the protagonist grieving?” are meant to be left up to the player to fill in. It would have been nice if the disembodied voice actually had a sprite representation in-game, similar to the style of the protagonist’s sprite, even if that representation only appeared at the first and last screens, standing by the doors. I would have felt that such an addition would have given an extroverted human goal to work towards, other than just puzzling through a platformer with standard functionality and a few curve balls. All up, Grief was worth my time, with some interesting little additions to some otherwise standard mechanics.

  2. I overall really liked the game. The graphics, and animaions were great. I really liked the effect when changing from light to dark.

    Honestly I didn’t finish it though because on level 8 or 9(I had 8 teddies) my character got stuck and I was unable to find a way to get her unstuck, and I didn’t feel like playing through those levels again.

    It is a pretty typical platform puzzler, but I really liked the aesthetic. I will definitely play through it again though so I can finish it.

    • Thanks for the reply! You can press “R” to restart if you get stuck (Oh jeez I hope we mentioned that in the info)

      If you get stuck again, take a screenshot and show it to us! We’ll fix it ASAP.

      • I was unaware of the “R” button to restart. Although I may not have been playing close enough attention.

        I’ll give it another play through as soon as I can, and I’ll give a more detailed report.

  3. SPOILERS: It was a very fun game, but on the second to last level, I kind of felt like I completed it in a way that wasn’t intended by the developers (I used the fact that two boxes can be stacked on top of one another)

  4. Very fun game. A bit challenging, but never so difficult I couldn’t figure out the puzzle in a minute or two.

    Out of curiosity, are the levels supposed to have exactly the mechanics you need for the puzzle, or are there sometimes a couple of extras to throw you off? In a couple of levels (most notably the last) I didn’t use all of the item mechanics.

    Otherwise, very good game.

    • A few of the levels have a red-herring to make sure you’re actually thinking about the puzzle and not just trying things out to see where they lead you. We wanted to make sure the player was really trying things out in his/her mind.

      Thanks for the comment!

  5. Just noticing, if you crouch, then move to the left or right for a bit, then release your left or right movement button before you release the down button, you stay crouched. If you jump at this point, you’re still in the crouched position. Would you want to be fixing this?

    • I’ll look into it, thanks for the feedback!

      At this point, I may not bother uploading a fix, since it’s not game breaking and so far as I know you’re the first person to mention this to me. Still, it’s good to know that the bug exists!


  6. Hi, the game is very good. But it would be nice to have at least something to get in some of completed levels. I made it all with 19 teddies and left one somewhere in level 17 or 18 (not sure). Now I have to play it thru one more time from begining…
    Another thing that was realy killing me is that when you got two boxes stacked on each other and move with one on the bottom (if you get under the top one), it will kill you after jump. This is bad specialy in that chapter, when you have to push two boxes all the way to the left corner to get the teddie and then back.

    • Hey! Thanks for the feedback! If we ever make a Grief 2 -shifty eyes- we’ll be sure to include a level select screen. The stacked boxes was a scenario that really should never have happened, so you can blame faulty level design and/or general laziness on my part (sorry!)


  7. Hey, I think I came some years later! πŸ˜› However, this was a wonderfull game. Mainly the filosofy behind him, like “positive” and “negative” is part of life and you need both and the boxes (for me) are some kind of medicine that you need in some moments that you can’t live “alone”. Actualy, I loved the puzzle and its simple mechanic (but very smart)…

  8. How do you complete level 19? I have tried it dozens of times, but nothing has worked, and it is too slow to keep trying every combination of moves. Apparently the stacked boxes is not the correct way to do it, so I am at a complete loss.

    • please don’t get mad classic try making a bridge with the boxes and pay attention to the platform above the thing keeping you from simply jumping over the gaps in the day dimension

  9. I really like this game lately I’ve been starving for a game with some kind of story line, and this worked well. also i’ve just found out you can walk on the title on the home screen

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