Hey everyone, Klassic here with a team status update. (Read: Not about Grief)

We’ve been working on Grief for about a month now, and as we near completion and release it’s time to start thinking about the future. Currently, we’re doing two things.

1. We’re tweaking and bug fixing Grief, as well as putting together a trailer for it that isn’t a boring walkthrough.

2. We’re starting work on our next game, which will be detailed in future blog posts.

What is this mysterious new game, you ask? Well, you’ll have to wait and see. One hint, though: It’s not a puzzle game.

We’ve semi-cancelled Forksplosion. “WHAT!?” You cry indignantly. Don’t worry, we’re still going to develop it. However, we’ve decided it’s in our best interests to postpone it until we move into the Flash scene. We’re worried we don’t have a large enough fanbase for our efforts to truly be appreciated, so we’re going to make a game that’s twice as large instead. Yes, I see the irony.

All the same, Forksplosion is at heart a flash game, and our new project is better off as a download. You’ll understand why in a bit. We plan to begin the conversion to flash-development after/during the development of our new game, but it has potential to be a lengthy process and there may not be much new content in that time. Still, the wait will be worth it, and we expect to increase our audience ten-fold.

If all goes well, Forksplosion will be our first flash game. The wait will be worth it, I guarantee that.

Expect to see a couple more screenshots and a trailer for Grief in the next 4-ish days. Exciting times.


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