Grief is coming in three days. Can you believe it?

I finished a trailer for the game tonight. It’s not amazing, but with regards to my mediocre video editing talents, I think it will suffice. I’ve started shamelessly plugging the game on a couple websites. If you’re from one of those sites and you’re reading this right now, hello!

I’ll post the trailer either tomorrow or monday. You will love it. -Brainwashes-

Worthington is without internet for the time being, and work on our new game is at a standstill while we wait for him to reconnect with us. Until then, we’ve been aimlessly sitting around and twiddling our thumbs. We are effectively crippled right now, and it sucks. Plus, I’m bored as hell.

I don’t have much to say right now; not much has happened today. I’ve been sitting around watching videos. I played hockey for a while. Does that qualify as news? Meh.

See ya’ll tomorrow, when there’ll hopefully be more to talk about!


PS: Worthington usually categorizes my blog posts for me (I’m lazy), and he’s away. Oh god, I have to do it myself for once ;-; The world can be cruel sometimes.

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