One day of Grief

Hah. Hah hah. See my joke? Up there, in the title? Hah? No?

…Well this is awkward.

Grief has been out for just under 24 hours at the time of writing (4:45 PM GMT-8 Tuesday April 19th 2011 for those who are curious/eccentric) and the response has been quite phenomenal! We’ve been getting 4/5’s and 5/5’s across the board, and everyone is praising the game as if it were Jesus reincarnate. Okay, maybe not that much, but it’s definitely a large improvement over Bun Dun’s response. Of course, we hope Grief is a much better game than Bun Dun, so this is probably a good thing.

Oddly enough, the largest issue with the game (I know a certain friend who is going to mock me incessantly for this) is the movement speed of Grief Girl. I find that quite interesting, but it also confuses me. In order for the puzzles to work on the scale that they do, Grief Girl MUST move at that exact speed, otherwise the game simply would not function as intended. Perhaps that in itself is a design flaw, and one that we should learn from in future games. Either that, or we have the pickiest damn fanbase on earth. Kidding!

Our game was submitted to the Extra Credits Innovation Awards (On, and while I don’t expect to win or even be nominated for an award, it’s still nice to know that we’re part of something a lot larger than just a little downloadable time waster. Plus, how awesome would it be to be able to give a demonstration of Grief at LOGIN? Ah well, dreams may remain dreams.

If things continue on this streak of good luck (Knock on wood, real wood not the shitty fake wood my desk is made of) then we should get a feature by Jayisgames this Saturday and a potential feature by at some point in the next week. Though, indiegames seems to have made a point of ignoring every email I’ve sent them in the past year, so I’m not holding my breath for that one. While it’s nice to get a download boost from Jayisgames and co., I honestly think that my favourite part about releasing a game is just reading the small, individual comments of people who have stumbled across our games completely by accident. Game reviewers are wonderful, but there’s something in hearing from our target audience that we’re doing a good job that just can’t be beat.

Oddly enough, Grief seems to have erupted on Yoyogames, hitting the top 15 on “Top Games”. Will it stay there? Will it go up, or drop? Only time will tell. I for one am ecstatic about this development, considering that Bun Dun was ignored on Yoyogames when we released it.

Anyways, that’s all for now! Remember, this is only day ONE of Grief’s release. Who knows what the future might hold for us?

Now, back to playing Steamlands (great fun, check it out) and pretending to do homework. See you all soon!


PS: Our trailer on youtube got a comment today! This marks the first comment on any video we’ve released! XD

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