Do you want a walkthrough?

I’ve seen some people searching for a walkthrough for Grief, as well as asking about the solution to a couple levels (12 comes to mind).

If you’re reading this blog and you’re interested in a video walkthrough, let us know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Do you want a walkthrough?

  1. You can go ahead and make it but I won’t watch it, not until after I beat it, if I ever do, heh. It just feels too much like cheating, especially with a puzzle platformer game.

  2. A walkthrough would be lovely. I have finished level 12 but I’d love to see if the game creators did things faster/differently to me. πŸ™‚

  3. On second thought, maybe not. Level 12 was actually very very easy. I found level 18/19 (I’m unsure which) very hard, because its very hard to get the teddy AND get the end of the level, since you need to be pretty much perfect. Its the level with the “lightning blocks” arranged all at the bottom, with only 1 gap with which the player can fall through. You have 2 blocks, and the teddy bear is high above some of the lightning blocks. I must say, I had to quit the game because I didnt figure it out even after thinking it out for 30 mintues. 😦

    Which, of course means I need to restart the whole game soon. Maybe auto-save after each level would be nice.

    • I think everyone on my team hated me after I forced them to complete that level (I’m quite proud of how insanely difficult it is, personally XD)

      I think I’ll try to put a walkthrough up after saving, thanks for the feedback!

      • No problemo, and thanks. πŸ™‚

        To be honest, that level was just grah. Level 12 though, it’s a piece of cake, i dont know why people struggled with it. :S

  4. hey guys, how are you?
    my girl broke my heart few days ago, and i dicided to play grief, in one point of the game i make the player to stay still “floationg” on screen and other point it was a little black cloud below the character.
    ws it a bug or something else?
    PS is there any other key not including(A,S,D,W,)+ (j,k,l, b,n,m)??
    cheers A

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