Something happened!

Hey everyone!

Lots of stuff happened today. First and foremost, featured Grief (Yay, they don’t hate us after all! Er, I mean…yeah) and our downloads/feedback has skyrocketed. We’ve gotten some praise and some really really angry criticism, which we’ve taken in stride. We learned some interesting things today, and I made the decision to release an update with Saving (NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES, RRROAAAH), a few bug fixes, and no screaming. Still, it was fun to see people yell at us because the scream scared the crap out of them.

Dark is coming along slowly but surely (I’ve been busy these past few days). Currently, we’re working on the player animations and mechanics. Once that’s done, we’ll move onto -shudder- AI in general. After that, well, all that’s left is level design and some unique mechanics. Yes, I just summarized two to three months of work in a couple sentences.

One thing I learned from Grief is that not everyone has a high-end PC, and we need to be more open with our system requirements. I’m going to work hard to improve the speed of Dark and make it so that everyone can play. Except those of you running windows 98. You guys suck. (Kidding!)

PS: The poll is still running below. Go on and vote if you haven’t already! We’ve got some ideas for Dark’s release. What do you guys think of a normal, free release, as well as a paid (either pay what you want or a fixed amount around 1-2 dollars) “extended” version with some silly cheat codes, extra rooms, side quests, etcetera?


3 thoughts on “Something happened!

  1. I’ll say it again – Fantastic and meaningful game. I don’t think the scream was “out of place” per se, but it just scared me shitless, omg.

  2. Keep the screaming! I don’t understand how people are annoyed by the static, blackouts, screen flip all of it. I thought it was a neat touch, granted when the screen flipped and then flipped back, I was still trying to play inverted which got me in trouble more than once in stage 12, but hey, all part of the game.

    Saving is good though, I can finally beat the game 😛

    • I don’t really understand the static/blackouts (in regards to mental health and the grief cycle), but I do quite like them. 🙂

      The scream on the other hand, omg. I understand how it works and it’s perfectly fine, its just so loud and sudden that it scared me shitless. The intent (from my perspective anyway) is that the game isnt made for horror, and if it is, well then forget this. xD

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