Grief Update 1.1

Hey everyone!

We’ve taken advice from all corners of the internet and transformed it into something palpable: Grief 1.1

This update includes:


-Level 12 is easier (or rather, less punishing)

-Quieter scream (fun while it lasted)

-General bug fixes

We were going to add an easter egg, but we decided we don’t love you enough. Just kidding! But yeah, laziness.

If the game isn’t updated to 1.1 on whatever site you frequent, wait for a while as I frantically re-upload.


(PS, poll is still down below. I think I’ll make it a weekly habit of starting up polls, they’re fun!)

4 thoughts on “Grief Update 1.1

  1. I still say level 12 was easy. :S
    Saving will be nice now, so I can take a break, but I was fine without it. šŸ™‚

    The biggest change I love is the scream. The first time it screamed, I think I almost had a heart attack. It was like Amnesia; The Dark Descent all over. D:

  2. I see what you did with 12 and it wasn’t necessary. The only tough part to 12, That jump you have to make with the ball in your possession at the end of the stage, where if you fall you have to restart cause you’re stuck, that was the tricky part for me, but even I’ve got a lot better at making that jump, just make sure your on the very edge. The ghost was never a problem though. Just my two sense, it’s fine either way really.

  3. Something I just noticed today, when I continue the teddies I collected don’t save. Does this mean I’m going to get the bad ending?

    • Yipes, thanks for pointing that out! I’ll upload a fix immediately. In the mean time, you can go into your save file and change the value of Teddies to whatever you were at before (or just 20).

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