Is this thing on?

Yeah, so we haven’t exactly been active recently. Don’t blame us, blame school! It’s definitely not our fault. We’re not slacking. Yeah. Definitely.

At any rate, Polarity is, surprisingly, coming close to being finished. Now, I’ve got mixed feelings about this game to tell the truth. It was supposed to be a one week game. Yeah. It’s been about a month now. What this means is that the game is larger and more challenging to put together than we initially thought. Also, we’re lazy. Normally, I’d be completely fine with spending 3 weeks extra on a game, but this was a game that was never intended to be innovative or all that mind blowing. The result is an average game that I think we’re spending way too much time on. I want to go work on Dark again. Have I mentioned Dark yet? I think so, but it’s been so long…

I know a lot of developers would never be caught dead saying potentially negative things about their projects, but I feel like I should be honest. Polarity is still a fun game, don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying working on and testing it, and I think you guys will enjoy it. It’s just… not what I wanted to spend a month working on.

I’ll do my best to get some new info/media up in the next couple days. Really, most of the past week has been tweaking and engine edits, so there isn’t much to show off. Still, you guys deserve to see something.

See you all soon! I’m off to go finish this game and go back to something that may actually impress you! 😀

-Klassic, your kind-hearted overlord

The world has ended and I’m still kicking around

So the world ended yesterday. I feel pretty alright. No columns of lava falling from the heavens. No piles of clothes on the streets. I must say, I’m disappointed.

At any rate, now that fears of impending doom have passed I’ve returned from cowering in my basement (I don’t have a basement) to work on the Tower Defence again. Also, I’ve chosen the name Polarity for now. Anyone with a better name should tell me. Now. Please?

I spent some time today optimizing wave-spawning code. I wonder if that’s the kind of phrase that an ubergeek would use to pick up girls. Or guys. I’m not saying ubergeeks have to be guys. Girls have the potential to be as weird as guys are 😀

I’m feeling somewhat lazy at the moment, so I’ll just give a short summary of what exactly I did. Basically, previously I had about 7 variables that I would put into a timeline at 30 second intervals and change them from there. It worked, but it was also really frustrating when I had to go back into the code and tweak difficulty levels, since the code was all over the place. I transferred all those individual variables and values into a single 2D array, from which I can control the values with relative ease. For example, the code for the first wave is:

//wave state, enemy count, enemy type


In this instance, the first digit in the array applies to the wave it’s for. The second part of the array is pretty self-evident: it controls the important values for each wave, such as what enemy is being spawned, how many, and what element (state) they are.

I must say, this is the first time I’ve found an actual use for arrays, and I’m proud to have mastered the concept so quickly. Yay me.

More on Polarity soon. Also, I definitely did not name the game such so that I could get hits from people mistyping Portal. -Coughs-


Tower Defence Video!

Okay seriously, we need a name. Badly.

At any rate, I’ve put together a short crappy demonstrative video to A) Give our potential composer (who made the music for Bun-Dun) an idea for what the gameplay will eventually be like and B) Show you guys our progress so far. As you will see, it’s simultaneously a lot and not much. Don’t worry though, this game will fly together in the next little while. The hard coding is finished.

Anyways, enjoy the video. I didn’t annotate it because, to be frank, there’s not really anything new that I feel like explaining at the moment. Still, maybe you’ll pick up on a few things that I haven’t mentioned yet. Or maybe not. -Mystery hands-


Statistics for you right-brained folk

Hey everyone, Klassic here with a quick number crunch. There’s a bit of new information here, but for the most part this is a quick review of everything I’ve discussed/shown regarding the Tower Defence thus far. You ready?

This game features:

three maps

fifty waves per map

eight unique towers

twenty-one enemy types

four temporary upgrades

one title screen

pi hours of gameplay (May or may not be true)

Whew… wasn’t that exciting? The neat thing about this type of a game is that we can easily add more maps, more enemies, more turrets, and more title screens whenever we feel like it. We don’t have an auto updater, nor do we have any plans of working on one for our Game Maker games, but the filesize shouldn’t be that large, so re-downloading each update won’t be too bad.

What’s left in development? Well, we’re still searching for a composer, and we’re working on a bunch of art and sound assets. Coding-wise, all that’s left to do is the title screen and tweaking. Lots and lots of tweaking. Oh, and we need a title.

I’m thinking of using the word polarity in the title somehow, whether we call the game “Polarity Defence”, simply “Polarity” or something crazy along the lines of “When Polar(ity) Bears Attack!”

If you guys have any suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments. It doesn’t have to include the word polarity.


(PS: Y’all just got interrobanged: !?)


Hey everyone! We’ve got our first WIP screenshot of our current (still unnamed. Oh dear) tower defence game! Keep in mind that the art assets and coding have yet to be completed, so things still look rough/underpopulated. Still, we have proof that we haven’t been sitting around for the past two weeks twiddling our thumbs! Well, we have, but not the entire time!

Any complaints, criticism, or general advice are greatly appreciated!


(PS: the poll is still ongoing! VOTE YEAH YEAH)


Hey guys, just thought I’d give you a quick status update on our still (just popping in here to mention that it took me about 20 seconds to properly bold that one word. God damn WordPress…) unnamed Tower Defence Adventure. Don’t ask about the post title, I have no idea.

The game is about 2/3 complete, but we probably won’t get it out to you guys for another week or two. Yes, it was supposed to come out this week. We get carried away. Deal with it -puts on sunglasses-.

We’re implementing a nifty little upgrade system that lets you buff your turrets for a short period of time. These upgrades are things like damage +, speed +, money +, and time slowdown. Awesome!

We’ll get a screenshot out to you guys just as soon as we replace the colourful boxes that act as my placeholder art. It’s not that my boxes look ugly, they’re just a bit shy.

By the way, new poll up today! Yes, I know it’s Wednesday.



Another quick update today. I have work to do. WORK TO DO I SAY!

There are six types of enemies in this game. None of them are particularly ground breaking, but that’s okay; this is a minigame after all.

1: Basic

Oh wow, what could this be? Basic enemies are… basic. Like every enemy type, they come in normal, fire and ice. Normals are weak to fire and ice turrets, fires are weak to ice turrets, and so on so forth. Basics move at a standard speed, have a standard health, and are generally just there to provide exp fodder. It’s a grim life they lead, to be sure. Basic enemies usually appear in the first few waves. They come in large numbers because hey, if you throw enough peons at a problem you might just break through, right?

2: Fast

Again, I’m sure you’re completely taken by surprise by these guys. Fast enemies move faster than basic enemies, but they also have less health. They’re overall stronger, though, and they might give you some problems if you’ve been neglecting one element while building turrets. Fun fact: fast enemies are huge jerks, so don’t feel bad when they scream in pain as they explode into nothingness.

3: Tanks

TAAAAAANK! Wait, this isn’t left 4 dead? Damn. Tanks move slowly and have an expletive-load of health, so you’d better stock up on turrets. That’s all I have to say about that.

4: Bursts

It’s an enemy within an enemy within an enemy. BRRRRRRRRRRRRM. Bursts… burst into a bunch of smaller enemies upon death. Just when you thought you were safe…

5: Transformers

No, these aren’t robots in disguise. Transformers are irritable little bipolars that enjoy switching state at random. You can’t prepare for these guys, you just need to be sure you have ample fire and ice turrets to deal with whatever state they’re in.


Each map will have two boss waves. One at the halfway point and one at the end. These bosses will appear as either normal, fire or ice, and will have a lot of health. These guys will be the ultimate test of just how well you’ve prepared. Also, if they reach your base you’re baseically screwed. Aha. Ahahaha. See what I did there? Do you? Do- yeah okay.

But seriously, they take half your base’s health away if they happen to reach it. Shiiiiit.