A new week and an old week


It has officially been two weeks since Grief was out, and I’ll take that as a cue to stop gushing about the game in every blog post. Starting after this. Our success with the game has been more than I personally could have hoped for; we were featured on numerous websites (some of which we didn’t even know about) and the game gathered over 1000 downloads on Gamejolt. Now, a lot of people have told me “1000 isn’t a lot. Just look at  _insert triple-A title here_ , it has millions of purchases!” I understand this, but in relative terms our success has been phenomenal.

Tomorrow the Extra Credit Innovation Nominations will be announced. While I have no delusions of being nominated, I am very interested in seeing who is picked. This is an award that can be won by ANYBODY, not just indies/businesses. It’s nice to see the two pitted against each other like this.

Our reception on Yoyogames has been quite good as well, and I’m anticipating (hoping) that we’ll receive a feature on the website at some point in the future. That would be a massive boon to our fanbase, and I really hope it pulls through.

The next two to three months will be devoted strictly to Dark, with the possibility of a small minigame to break the tedium. Look forward to both of those releases; we’ll be detailing them heavily as we work!

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ve started up a new poll, which I think I’ll keep up for about a week or so. Last week’s results were interesting, to be sure. It seems like the majority of voters would prefer to pay between 1 and 5 dollars for a 3-odd hour game. Thank to everyone who voted!


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