Unidentified Tower Defence Incoming!

Yes, we are Canadian. If anyone complains that we spelled defence wrong, I will personally spill steaming hot coffee on your chest.

Anyways, on to the meat of the post: We are working on a minigame.

Worthington is busy working on the script, so in the mean time Tangleworm, Cariboo and I are working on a Tower Defence. We’ll be spending about a week on the game, so it won’t be anything big. Consider this our first true Shurigame (copyright 2011 Magnesium Ninja ;D). The game will feature a fire and ice system which I’ll go into more tomorrow.

Don’t expect anything amazing, it’s quite literally a standard fare Tower Defence game with a bit of a strategic innovation. There’ll probably be 2-4 maps to play, each with 20 or so waves of enemies.

More information tomorrow!


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