Quick post tonight because it’s late and quite frankly I forgot to write this post earlier.

The main idea of our TD is that you face two (3, really) types of enemies. Fire and Ice. You also have two strands of towers. Fire and Ice. Fire towers affect ice enemies more strongly than fire enemies, and vice versa.

Each element has 4 towers, or tiers. Each tier mirrors the other element to a degree, but some of the effects are different. Example: Tier 2 fire creates a burn effect that damages the enemy. Tier 2 ice slows an enemy down.

There are 5 types of enemies: basic, fast, tank, splitters, transformers. Most of them are pretty self evident, except for maybe the last two. Splitters will burst into a bunch of smaller enemies upon death. Transformers will periodically change state, the bastards.

We’ll have some pictures/concepts/dev diaries up soon. Sorry about the length of today’s post. I need my beauty sleep.


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