Another quick update today. I have work to do. WORK TO DO I SAY!

There are six types of enemies in this game. None of them are particularly ground breaking, but that’s okay; this is a minigame after all.

1: Basic

Oh wow, what could this be? Basic enemies are… basic. Like every enemy type, they come in normal, fire and ice. Normals are weak to fire and ice turrets, fires are weak to ice turrets, and so on so forth. Basics move at a standard speed, have a standard health, and are generally just there to provide exp fodder. It’s a grim life they lead, to be sure. Basic enemies usually appear in the first few waves. They come in large numbers because hey, if you throw enough peons at a problem you might just break through, right?

2: Fast

Again, I’m sure you’re completely taken by surprise by these guys. Fast enemies move faster than basic enemies, but they also have less health. They’re overall stronger, though, and they might give you some problems if you’ve been neglecting one element while building turrets. Fun fact: fast enemies are huge jerks, so don’t feel bad when they scream in pain as they explode into nothingness.

3: Tanks

TAAAAAANK! Wait, this isn’t left 4 dead? Damn. Tanks move slowly and have an expletive-load of health, so you’d better stock up on turrets. That’s all I have to say about that.

4: Bursts

It’s an enemy within an enemy within an enemy. BRRRRRRRRRRRRM. Bursts… burst into a bunch of smaller enemies upon death. Just when you thought you were safe…

5: Transformers

No, these aren’t robots in disguise. Transformers are irritable little bipolars that enjoy switching state at random. You can’t prepare for these guys, you just need to be sure you have ample fire and ice turrets to deal with whatever state they’re in.


Each map will have two boss waves. One at the halfway point and one at the end. These bosses will appear as either normal, fire or ice, and will have a lot of health. These guys will be the ultimate test of just how well you’ve prepared. Also, if they reach your base you’re baseically screwed. Aha. Ahahaha. See what I did there? Do you? Do- yeah okay.

But seriously, they take half your base’s health away if they happen to reach it. Shiiiiit.


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