Hey guys, just thought I’d give you a quick status update on our still (just popping in here to mention that it took me about 20 seconds to properly bold that one word. God damn WordPress…) unnamed Tower Defence Adventure. Don’t ask about the post title, I have no idea.

The game is about 2/3 complete, but we probably won’t get it out to you guys for another week or two. Yes, it was supposed to come out this week. We get carried away. Deal with it -puts on sunglasses-.

We’re implementing a nifty little upgrade system that lets you buff your turrets for a short period of time. These upgrades are things like damage +, speed +, money +, and time slowdown. Awesome!

We’ll get a screenshot out to you guys just as soon as we replace the colourful boxes that act as my placeholder art. It’s not that my boxes look ugly, they’re just a bit shy.

By the way, new poll up today! Yes, I know it’s Wednesday.


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