Is this thing on?

Yeah, so we haven’t exactly been active recently. Don’t blame us, blame school! It’s definitely not our fault. We’re not slacking. Yeah. Definitely.

At any rate, Polarity is, surprisingly, coming close to being finished. Now, I’ve got mixed feelings about this game to tell the truth. It was supposed to be a one week game. Yeah. It’s been about a month now. What this means is that the game is larger and more challenging to put together than we initially thought. Also, we’re lazy. Normally, I’d be completely fine with spending 3 weeks extra on a game, but this was a game that was never intended to be innovative or all that mind blowing. The result is an average game that I think we’re spending way too much time on. I want to go work on Dark again. Have I mentioned Dark yet? I think so, but it’s been so long…

I know a lot of developers would never be caught dead saying potentially negative things about their projects, but I feel like I should be honest. Polarity is still a fun game, don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying working on and testing it, and I think you guys will enjoy it. It’s just… not what I wanted to spend a month working on.

I’ll do my best to get some new info/media up in the next couple days. Really, most of the past week has been tweaking and engine edits, so there isn’t much to show off. Still, you guys deserve to see something.

See you all soon! I’m off to go finish this game and go back to something that may actually impress you! 😀

-Klassic, your kind-hearted overlord

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