AFROFARG Tutorial & Credits

Hey everyone! Instead of confining ourselves to a small game screen (and spending more time than we need to) with AFROFARG’s tutorial, I’ve decided to just type it up as a blog post and combine it with the game’s credits. That way, you can access all the information you need at any time you want. If you expect you’ll be playing AFROFARG where you won’t have internet access, just make sure you save the webpage to your computer.

AFROFARG is a tower defence game in which you build turrets to defend your home base from waves of enemies. You have eight turrets available to you, all of which are described below:

Spark Turret:

The Spark Turret has a 2×2 size and shoots fireballs at the enemy.

Snowball Turret:

The Snowball Turret has a 2×2 size and shoots snowballs at the enemy.

Burn Turret:

The Burn Turret has a 2×2 size and ignites enemies, causing burn damage.

Chill Turret:

The Chill Turret has a 2×2 size and slows enemies for a short time.

Wave Turret:

The Wave Turret has a 3×3 size and sends out waves of fire that damage enemies nearby.

Spear Turret:

The Spear Turret has a 3×3 size and shoots ice spears through multiple enemies.

Lightning Turret:

The Lightning Turret has a 4×4 size and shoots a bolt of lightning that targets up to three enemies per shot.

Freeze Turret:

The Freeze Turret has a 4×4 size and drastically slows enemies nearby.

AFROFARG is controlled using your mouse alone. Left Click selects and builds. Right Click cancels a planned build. M and N are toggles for Music and Sound respectively. Escape will open a pause menu during game play, from where you can quit to menu or continue playing. NOTE: There is no saving or high scores for the time being. If there is a large enough request for these features, we will add them in.

There are six types of enemies that you must combat. These enemies come as either fire, ice or normal. Fire turrets will damage ice enemies, ice turrets will damage fire enemies, and both turrets will damage normal enemies. Place your turrets strategically. Note that status effects (such as slow and burning) will still work on enemies of the same element, just to a lower degree.

Basic Enemy:

Basic Enemies are just that: basic. They have average health and speed.

Fast Enemy:

Fast Enemies move fast, but have less health than normal.

Tank Enemy:

Tank Enemies move slowly, but have a lot of health.

Burst Enemy:

Burst Enemies explode into four weaker, smaller enemies upon death.

Transformer Enemy:

Transformer Enemies change between fire and ice periodically.

Boss Enemy:

Boss Enemies have a lot of health and move at normal speeds, so you’d better be prepared for them.

Upgrades can be used to improve your chances of survival for a short time. There are 4 different upgrades; Speed up, Damage up, Money up and Slow down. Speed and damage up improve your turrets’ firing and damage. Money up increases the amount of money you earn from each kill. Slow down… slows the enemies down. Duh.

Upgrades only last for a short period of time, so use them carefully.

Your score is affected by a number of factors. Killing enemies, starting waves early and ending the map with high health will all contribute to a large score. Try to launch the next wave as soon as possible, but make sure you’re ready for it!



  • Project Manager
  • Lead Coder
  • Level Designer
  • Co-Designer


  • Lead Artist
  • Co-Designer


  • Sound Designer
  • Public Relations

Quality Assurance:

  • Worthington
Alexander Goncharuk

Music composed by Tangleworm and Alexander Goncharuk

Thanks for playing!

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