It’s been a while since I could hold my head up high

I definitely did not write that title so people would accidentally click this blog when searching for Staind. That definitely did not happen when we posted a blog post with Thank You – Dido in the title.

Hey everyone! I know we’ve been quiet lately (real life activities, -shudder-) but we have been getting some work done. Not as much as I’d like, but you can blame real life activities for that. I’ll be on ‘vacation’ for all of next week, but I’ll still be working on Dark like the little nerd I am, so don’t worry about a lack in development.

Right now, our primary focus is getting the PC (Player Character) fully animated and functional. We’re about 2/3 done in that regard, and once that’s finished we’re moving on to the coveted lighting system. Expect more screenshots than you know what to do with once we hit that point!

Our intention is to actually demo the game on some popular sites like GMC and TIGsource; we’re hoping that in doing that we’ll rack up a few more readers and fix some issues with the game. “Why haven’t you demoed your other games!?” you exclaim in confusion. “Because I’m stupid!” I reply energetically, and proceed to bang my head against a granite counter top.

See you all soon!


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