Hey loyal fans of which there are few (for now -plots-)

We’ve been busy at work on Dark (among other things), and progress is coming alone steadily. I’ll give you guys a screenshot or two to feed your insatiable hunger for all things Magnesium Ninja related tomorrow or Wednesday. Just to give you all an idea of where we are right now and what we have ahead, here’s a handy dandy list:

What We’ve Finished Recently:

-Lighting Engine (It looks spectacular, you guys are going to like it)

-90% of the Player Character (We’re missing the axe swinging, but that’ll come in time)

-Gun shots (Including muzzle flare and spent cartridges and such)

-Secrets (Yes, we actually spent some time putting together some cool secret methods)

-Tilesets (Technically, this is a work in progress, but it’s functional)

-Room switching (Simple enough)

What We’re Doing Next:

-More tilesets (hurr)

-Enemy AI (;-;)

-HUD (Part of what I want to work on before you guys get a proper look at the game)

-Axe swinging (3 hit combo)

-NPC AI (Much easier than Enemy AI, thank God)

After that, we’ll probably start tweaking/putting together a public demo. The public demo will be a relatively short experience meant mainly for players to test the engine and give us their complaints/suggestions. It won’t have any relation to the final product, but it will hopefully give fans an idea of what direction we’re headed in. No word yet on when the public demo will be, but I’ll keep you all updated!


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