Progress report on LIVE

I figure I’ve been working on this game for about 11 1/2 hours now, so I’ll take a break and tell you guys a bit about what exactly I’m making. I haven’t posted this information on the GMC (Game Maker Community, where the JAM is running) so count yourselves privileged.

Right-Click + open in new tab to view the complete image

This is how our game, LIVE (WIP title obviously) is looking right now. Let me break the image down. The game is made up of stages, and in each stage you must fly through the air collecting all the good energies and avoiding the bad ones. Remind you of anything? Bun-Dun, perhaps? Well, the game is somewhat inspired by Bun-Dun, so that would make sense. In each progressive stage you fly faster, and the game becomes more and more difficult as you try to collect rings and energies.

What are rings? Rings are the things that keep your charge meter full (top right of the picture). If that meter drops to zero, you die. Simple as that.

What about energies, you ask. What are they? Gameplay-wise, energies give you points (top left). For every energy you collect without missing one/hitting a bad energy, your multiplier will increase by one up to a maximum of x100. Story-wise, the energies you’re collecting are creating life on the planet (bottom). As you fly, the ground below you grows first grass and then flowers.

There are some obstacles to watch out for. Bad energies will lower your score, bad rings will lower your charge. Don’t hit them. Srsly. Also, beware Monochrome.

There’s not a huge focus on story in this game (sorry Worthington), but the story goes as such: You play as a magical rainbow-shitting orb (Bun-Dun’s son? :O:O:O) that must fight against his arch-nemesis (Monochrome) and bring the planet back to life, one flower at a time. Also, score is somehow relevant because… yeah.

If you want more screenshots, go to and scroll down until you find my post (Klassic). There’s a complete devlog and images to boot.

See you!


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