Rainbow Dash! Tutorial and Credits

Guess what everyone! It’s Tutorial and Credits time!

Rainbow Dash! is a side-scrolling, collect-em-up game, where you play as a multi-coloured rainbow orb; The Spirit of Creation, in his quest to restore the world to life and bring the world into a state of harmony again. The game is our entry into the GMC Summer Jam and is a sequel to our game Bun-Dun (the story is stand-alone though, so don’t worry if you’ve never played Bun-Dun). Oh, and one last thing, the game features bright, flashing lights, so SEIZURE WARNING! Now, let’s move on to the tutorial.


In Rainbow Dash! you, playing as the Spirit of Creation, must restore the world to life by harnessing energy. You move up and down with the arrow keys. If you collect yellow energy in a row, you gain a combo multiplier, which increases your score. However, you also have a charge meter, which if it runs out, you fail the game. To keep your charge meter… charged, you must fly through yellow rings. The game is broken down into stages, and after each stage, your speed is increased. If your computer is running slowly, press ‘F’ to turn off the particle effects. Let’s do a step by step overview of what you’ll encounter in the game.

 This is you, the Spirit of Creation. You’re a flashing orb that switches between the colours of the rainbow and leaves a rainbow trail of happiness and life in your wake. Sounds nice, donnit?

This is your opposite, the Spirit of Destruction. Together, you two kept harmony and balance in the world, but the balance has been upset and you have to restore it! If you run into him, you fail. If you hit his trail, your current charge is halved.

 This is your basic “good” energy. Collect these to increase your score, collect them in a row to increase your combo multiplier! If you miss one, your combo multiplier is halved.

 This is your “bad” energy. Hitting it reduces your score and resets your combo multiplier.

This is your “good” ring. Flying through it increases your charge.

“Bad” ring. Flying through it takes off a quarter of your current charge and resets your combo multiplier.

This is a special “Speed” ring. Flying through it gives you a temporary speed boost in which all good energies are drawn to you, and you are invulnerable to bad energies. It also makes everything REALLY pretty.

If you can manage to end a stage with a x100 combo, you get a perfect round, which grants you 10,000 extra points per stage (ex: Stage 1 Perfect= 10,000 Stage 2 Perfect = 20,000 etc.).


Klassic – Project Manager
– Programmer
– Co-Designer
– Artist

Worthington – Co-Designer
– Writer
– Quality Assurance

Cariboo – Sound Design
– Quality Assurance

Music: “On Melancholy Hill (Instrumental)” By the Gorillaz. All rights go to Gorillaz and associated labels. Music used under Fair Use law.

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