Rainbow Dash! Postmortem

Hey everyone!

As promised, here’s a postmortem on our GMC Game Jam 3 entry, RAAAAINBOW DAAASH! (Not the pony, sort of)

     The Decision:

The GMC Game Jam began on the 29th of July at around 5:00 PM (For us, GMT -8). I’ll be completely honest when I say that I didn’t even consider entering it when I first heard about it. I figured that we had enough to do with Ascension, and we had no time to waste on petty things like a game jam. Then, Tangleworm told me he was going away for the weekend of the Jam. That meant we wouldn’t be getting any progress done with art over the weekend. Still, I thought that I should still be working on Ascension in the mean time, regardless of whether or not I would actually have anything to work on.

At around 6:00 PM on Friday (yes, the same Friday that the Jam started on) I suddenly realized, holy crap I DO want to enter the Jam! I let Worthington and Cariboo know, and we all quickly agreed that hell yes we were going to jam out a game in 72 hours, no matter how many people we had to kill. Or something. We spent a couple hours that night working out a concept that would be the beginning of Rainbow Dash! as you all know it. Then we went to sleep, or at least I did.

The Gathering:

On Saturday morning I woke up and immediately started coding (Literally, before breakfast or showering or anything). I managed to get a simple engine working (The rainbow trail was one of the first things I did) before Worthington appeared on my doorstep at around 11 AM. We spent the next 4-ish hours working hard and listening to comedy because why the hell not. When Cariboo came over at around 3 PM, 60% of the game was already done. And it was only Saturday. Awww yeah. Our productivity severely declined after Cariboo came over, for some reason, and we didn’t get much more done until they left at 5:30 PM. Then, I spent most of that night programming by my lonesome as Cariboo worked on sound and Worthington dicked around doing whatever because he had already finished most of his work.

The Day in Which Nothing of Much Interest Happened:

On Sunday I spent half of the day working, so not much happened on my end. Cariboo finished most of the sounds and Worthington worked out the story. I got a phone call from my boss after work asking me to work on Monday as well. I declined, because (And you’d best remember this, children) videogames > work. Just kidding, but when videogames are my future aspirations for work, I have to set my priorities. Anyways, I spent another late night programming. Any questions?


Why is the finale in all caps? No idea. On Monday morning I woke up and spent pretty much the entire damn day working frantically on Rainbow Dash!, trying to get it finished. At around 3:00 PM, I found a game-crippling bug with the ending. I somewhat freaked out, considering I didn’t have a hell of a lot of time left to get the game finished and uploaded, but I managed to fix the bug with time to spare. The rest of the sounds were completed and the game was finished before 4:30 PM. I then spent the rest of the evening refreshing the GMC because OOH SOMEONE LEFT A COMMENT!!

The Aftermath:

We got a lot of praise for Rainbow Dash!, with people saying it was both pretty (Could’ve fooled me) and fun. That was nice to hear, and I was sure we were going to win the Jam. Hah. Haha. HAHAHAHA. -wipes tears-, that was a good one. At the time of writing, we’re about halfway through the voting, and the best we’ve gotten from ANYONE is a second place vote. I’m alright with that though. We were never really doing this for the prize at the end, although that would have been the icing on the cake. The Jam was a lot of fun, and it taught us that we can make a cohesive and fun experience in a short amount of time. If anything, we work  better when we have a deadline. I’ll keep that in mind for Ascension (muahaha).

If anyone from the GMC is reading this, thank you all for setting the Jam up and playing our game. The voting is still ongoing (so vote for us quickly), but I have no expectations of winning or even placing top 3. I also couldn’t care less. This Jam was a fun learning experience, and we’ll be sure to join in come October, for what I presume is the Halloween-themed Jam (How original).

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Rainbow Dash! Postmortem

  1. “I’ll be completely honest when I say that I didn’t even consider entering it when I first heard about it…
    At around 6:00 PM on Friday (yes, the same Friday that the Jam started on) I suddenly realized, holy crap I DO want to enter the Jam!”

    Ahahaha that was pretty much my exact train of thought too… except I ended up having to work alone on mine.
    P.S. Thanks for the first place vote, Klassic!

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