Rainbow Dash! Trailer and other related news!!!

Hey everyone!

Because of an irritating Game Maker bug and a lack of response from the YYG help desk, I’m currently locked out of working on Ascension. With any luck, this will be resolved soon and I can get back to work. Meanwhile, though, I’ve been doing some related work:

1. I made a Rainbow Dash! Trailer

I recently picked up a new video editing software and I wanted to try it out, so I made an amateur-ish trailer for Rainbow Dash! It’s short, but it was fun to make. Check it out here:

2. I looked into independent game distribution

We’re considering selling Ascension if it turns out good (It will) and I’ve been checking out some indie game selling websites. Most of them are in beta, but by the time Ascension is finished they should be up and ready to go. Some of the sites I’ve found are http://www.indiecity.com/ and http://www.indievania.com/

3. I purchased a domain name

We have no immediate plans to launch a website, but it’s good to protect our name. http://www.magnesiumninja.com/ is now registered, and you’ll be seeing some things on that website in the future. Can’t say when, can’t say what.

I’ll see you all soon when hopefully GM has been fixed and Ascension is back on track.


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