Open wide

…Here comes more Ascension drip-feeding! And you thought I was going to say something dirty.

I thought I’d talk a bit about the technical side of the screenshots you guys have seen previously. The game’s HUD is made up of two components: the Hotbar and the Portrait

The Hotbar is that series of notes at the bottom, and it (eventually) displays the number of items you have of each type. You have 3 static items that directly affect you: Health Packs, Painkillers and Sedatives (I’ve given up on bolding. Fuck bolding)

Health packs refill a portion of your health.

Painkillers reduce the amount of damage you take from being hurt.

Sedatives lower your panic bar (More on that soon).

Aside from the static items, you also have a slot for quest items (yellow), two slots for collect-quests and the rest are general item slots (For things like keys, etcetera).


MOVING ON: We have the Portrait section of the HUD. The Portrait houses the most important parts of the HUD: The health bar, the panic meter and the battery meter.

The health bar shows your health (duh).

The panic meter shows your panic (duhduh). If it rises above a certain percentage you start to lose health. It’s affected by things like darkness, enemy presence, and missing a shot with your pistol.

The battery meter shows approximately the current charge of your flashlight in 25% sections. If you have no charge and no spare batteries, your flashlight goes out.

As well as those 3 vital bars, we have the player portrait (WIP) which will show the general mood of the PC (Player Character), and the weapon indicator (Straight forward).

The HUD can be hidden at the press of a button (currently CTRL, subject to change) although we may make a “hard” difficulty where you can’t view your HUD period. 😀





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