Demo Progress

Hey guys!

I just got home from work and I haven’t had dinner, so I’ll keep this brief. We’re about 75%+ done the Ascension demo; all we have left to do is add in the scripted events, tweak the atmosphere, finish the AI, finish the basement tileset and do pre-beta testing. It sounds like a lot, but with any luck (typed lunch the first time around) we’ll have a demo before mid-October. I don’t have a set date just yet, but I should be able to get one to you guys relatively soon!

Here’re some statistics on the demo, because everyone loves statistics:

-The demo has 25 rooms

-The demo has one main quest

-The demo has one side mission, leading to a ‘secret’

-There is one type of enemy

-There is lots of scary (hopefully)


I have no estimation for how long it’ll take you to beat the demo, since I haven’t scripted in any events and it’s hard to account for fear. What do I mean, you ask? Well, if you’ve ever played a horror game before you’ll know the feeling of reluctance to continue. You’ll move slowly, scouring each room for any sight of an enemy in case one decides to sneak up on you from behind, so on so forth. Typically, horror games take the longest to play, regarding room-sizes. Since I’m making the game, I can’t very well pretend to be frightened at each event and wonder what’s going to happen if I run head-on into the darkness, because I know what’s going to happen.

I’ll outline the demo period once we get closer to it, but I can safely tell you a couple things in advance:

-We’re going to stay in demo period until the game experience is perfect

-We’re going to be looking for a large number of beta testers who will be willing to help make the experience as good as possible

-We’re going to be taking every complaint, suggestion and bit of praise into account, and will likely release an edited demo near the end of the demo period to make sure our changes are ideal


That’s all for now! See you guys soon!



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