Back to work!

Hey everyone!

We’ve been chillin’ out maxin’ and relaxin’ all cool this past month, and now it’s time for us to get back into the groove of things. We decided against working on a minigame this month, mainly because I think we all just preferred to relax a little and stay focused on Ascension. Now that we’ve had some weeks to recuperate from October, we should be rejuvenated and ready to get back to work.

I’m not entirely sure how/if we’re going to show off the full game at this point. We may or may not have another public demo, but in lieu of that we’ll definitely keep you up to date with screenshots, and blog posts. Also tweets, lots of tweets. The matter of whether or not we’re going to charge money for the full game isn’t something we’re taking into consideration yet, but we’ll be looking into that relatively soon.

It’s an exciting future, everybody! I hope you stick with us as we steam along! I’ll have more progress for you really soon, but for now I leave you with this:


10,000 total blog views.


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