Sideways Doors

Hey guys, a bit of a game design post for you all today!

One of the issues I personally had with the Ascension demo was that a lot of the rooms felt disconnected; as if they weren’t really part of the same building. One factor that I think attributed to that was the fact that you could walk left or right out of some rooms without any door or transition. It was just a snap cut into a completely new room, despite the player not really feeling like they had left the previous room.

I think I can say with confidence that we’ve made steps towards solving this issue with the additions of sideways doors, as well as linking multiple ‘rooms’ into one chain. You’ll see what I mean.


As you can see here, these two rooms are connected, but at the same time separated by a physical door that blocks your view of the adjacent area. I feel it works quite well in adding an element of uncertainty as well; what might lie behind that closed door? Is something going to jump out at me? There are a lot of possibilities and I’m glad we made the decision to bring this concept to life.


Also, we’ve brightened up the lighting a little. We might darken it again later, we’ll see 😉



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