Ludum Dare COMPLETE!

Hey everyone!

This year I decided to enter the Ludum Dare for the first time and really go all out with it; try to put the 48 hours to good use. Apart from six hours when I had to go to work, I had the entire 48 hours to work.

It was a hell of a lot of fun, and exhausting at the same time. I’ve never worked so hard for so long on a project like this. I’m glad I did it though, and I’ll definitely be participating in future jams.

I put together a short (very short) atmospheric exploration game called A Life Apart, and I’ll give you all the link once the Ludum Dare website is back online (down now due to too much traffic).

And now, back to Ascension. Because you know, why would I ever stop working?


EDIT: LD is back up, here’s the download page.

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