Songs to play after you’ve killed someone

Good evemornoon everyone!

We got a ton of work done today and I’m trying to get back into the habit of making frequent blog posts, so I figured I might as well go over some of the things we’re working on.

Like I’ve said in past updates, our first goal is to complete a ‘skeleton’ of the chapter, so that it is completely playable from start to finish. After we’ve got those basics in place, we’ll spend some time (a lot of time) working on improving the atmosphere and putting the story in place. This is, after all, a horror game, and crafting a perfect atmosphere is important.

What do we have left in our barebones? Well, we’re currently about halfway finished. The game has five zones, and I’m about to move into zone four. It’s exciting for me, because to be perfectly honest I hate developing the skeletons. The best part of crafting Ascension so far has been putting in the scares and watching playtesters flip out. I’ll be relieved once we move on, to be sure.

Today we spent some time working on the main character’s daughter (animations, that is) and working on zone 3. One thing that we also added in today was a second type of door. Before today, we’d only had one brown wooden door for all different zones, despite the fact that one area was a lounge, one was an office, one was a storage, etcetera. Today we added in some nicer looking office doors, and the result is pretty incredible, all things considered. One issue we suffered from in the demo was a feeling of sameness that confused the player. Every room seemed similar, and trying to navigate the play area was hard for some. I think that things like these are going to fix that problem.

I’ve got no pictures to show off tonight; I want to keep the main character’s daughter a secret for now, and the same goes for individual zones. Rest assured, there will be more soon!

Until then,



(Oh, also: I improved the HUD so that the top part never quite fades away. Don’t remember if I mentioned that yesterday.)

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